Learn Hafestra: Introduce yourself.

Before we begin, will go over the individual words:

Introducing Yourself

Je is I in French, also in Hafestra. Moi (Me) and Mon (my) are also the same.

Nam borrows from the Japanese word for name, rather than the French word or the same thing: Nam.

You'll find that between Japanese and French, a lot of the differences between the language are similarly only minor in distortion: such as the word for bread (pan).

Wa (Japanese) means something similar to Quoi (French). Wa can also be used for is. In Hafestra there are two words: Wa and Quoni. Wa is generally used for introductions, while Quoni is used for other use, such as:

Mon nam wa Sarah!
Qouni eswa abekku le fille nien sabots de bois.

So inrtoduce yourself, simply ask:

Mon nam wa [your name]

Follow Up

Ton means something similar to Tu in French. In this case, Ton is used in contexts similar to asking someone their name, while Tu is used to informally refer to someone in other contexts.

Nam, as we've gone over before, is similar to nom in French.

Wa, can mean either is or what, but whose use in generally limited to introducing yourself is asking someone their name.

So to ask someone their name:

Ton nam sonwa?

Or as a follow up to introducing yourself.

Formal: Mon nam wa [your name], sonwa ton wa?
Informal: Mon nam es [your name], sonwa ton nam es?

Sonwa another tricky concept I'm trying to refine, as it may involve such that sonwa replaces wa in referring to the context "to them / that, what?"

Ton nam sonwa?