Character profile: Richard Pearson


Name: Pearson, Richard

Age: 43 Midorian years (1 Terran year = 33,898,568.2062 seconds, or 1.07420286 Terran years)

Current gender: Male (cis)

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual (born)

Place of Birth: New Hong Kong

Current location: Santa Cruz district, New Angeles, United States of Esperanza

Eyes: Brown

Race: Caucasian

Hair: Black

Height: 1.69m

Weight: 96.5kg

Neurological configuration: Neurotypical

Personality traits: Extraverted, sardonic, pessimistic, cynical

Known disabilities:

  • Implant-triggered false memory disorder

  • Acute avatar motor disfunction (currently under treatment). Avatar use not recommended for mission-critical tasks.

Neural augmentations: Brain implants, Brycorp Series 400; Dermal Data interface (DDIF)

Currently operational implant plugins: (CLASSIFIED under the 630 Law Enforcement Protection Act)

Physical augmentations: None

Biomodifications: None

Current occupation: Police officer, NAPD (New Angeles Police Department). Labor seniority: 6 years

Weapon of choice: GLOCK 17xx series with LASER sight and dual LED/DDIF counter

Previous occupation: 3-star android manager at Kahazaki Management Services. Labor seniority: 2 years. Reason for termination: Resignation.


Marital status: Single, never married.

Current romantic relationships: None

Previous romantic relationships: Lt. Inoue Minori, CYBERPOL

Sex life: Hires escort services frequently

Known vices: Alcohol (moderate)

Known prejudices: Against androids.

Hobbies: Archival movie-watching, film criticism, sketching, painting, firearm training


Officer Pearson has been formally requested by the government of New Hong Kong to solve the murder of Catherine Emerson, under supervision of chief Tanaka of the 25th precinct, HKPD. AUTHORIZATION PENDING.


Officer Pearson's neurological status seems to be deteriorating; his false memory disorder is progressing at an alarming rate. His assigned neurologist recommends complete implant removal in less than 2 years.

The neurologist has disclosed that Mr. Pearson's constant obsession with police documentaries and fictional films has made him prone to suggestion and delusions of grandeur. Mr. Pearson is also obsessed with his past marriage. One of his hobbies are painting portraits of his deceased wife. It is heavily recommended to divert him from any situations that could trigger his false memories, including restaurants and hotels he supposedly visited during his fictional marriage.