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Blog post week 2020-04: we got funding!

Serie - Living undocumented

viviendo indocumentadx

segundo encuentro

Learn the signs to know about how do I check for a virus on computer?

To Hope

Poem by John Keats

The First Two Days of Class

Particion Swap - (no archivo swap)

I Don't Wanna

Clouds over the Internet

The subtle men (companies) in the middle attacks

México: Más de 30 defensores de Derechos Humanos y activistas asesinados en 2019

Création d'un home chiffré avec VeraCrypt et pam_exec

DeGOOGLE your Firefox

Breaking more chains with the "do no evil" tech giant

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The Lawn Had To Go

Changing a perspective I didn't realize I had

Is this thing on?

Doing the words.

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